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At PPMG, we created CORE for clients who want better, measurable project management in a range of sectors with the ability to monitor budgets, project schedules, and productivity efficiencies.

System Turnover / Commissioning
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CORE is the elite project management system

for both site-level and corporate-level managers; using powerful, first of its kind in-depth analytics for better project-wide accountability.

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System Foundation

Project Organization

CORE helps with project organization by integrating with the RFP process to report metrics on any type of contract from the moment it’s signed, establishing a solid system foundation.

MANAGING Scopes of Work

For project teams managing new scopes of work, CORE saves time by making it simple to load the project Cost Breakdown Structures (CBS), Work Breakdown Structures (WBS), and associated quantities.

Project Tracking

By measuring and reporting on a task by task basis, CORE creates an accurate, quantity based tracking framework, so project teams always know the status of the project.

Project Reporting

CORE project reporting produces Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Earned Value (EV) metrics, and schedule data daily allowing project teams to make informed, timely decisions.

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Data Collection

A contractor's progress on a project is computed and reported in actual quantities—not in projections or estimates for a full, in-depth analytical status report.

Quantities measured with intuitive, actionable metrics
  • Daily updates
  • Productivity tracking
  • Efficiency reports
Labor Hours are captured from any method of timesheet recording
  • Access control
  • Time and attendance systems
  • Manual entry
  • Actual costs of material and equipment
  • Daily CPI with ETC and EAC projections
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Project Reporting

CORE’s position in the project management process eliminates problems in a contractor’s typical reporting protocol giving the owner timely, accurate, and objective reporting.

CORE eliminates two pitfalls in typical Contractor Reporting:

Delayed Updates

Owners don’t have to wait until the next period for Contractor reporting and CPM Schedule updates. CORE provides contractor progress and cost daily.

Subjective Updates

Updates are objective (based off installed quantities) and feed the CPM schedule for updates that are accurate, eliminating subjective percent complete estimates.

Automatic Updates

CORE takes the daily installed quantities and labor hours from data collection and turns them into daily progress updates, Schedule Performance updates (SPI), and Cost Performance updates (CPI).

Key Performance Indicators

  • Cost Performance Index (CPI)
  • Schedule Performance Index (SPI)
  • Percent Complete
  • Estimate at Completion (EAC)

KPI Summary Filtering Capability

  • Portfolio Level
  • By Site
  • By Project Type
  • By Project Name
  • By Contractor
  • By Discipline
  • By Task
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Project History

CORE records project history and changes to a project as they happen, equipping you with detailed, trackable insights for better decision-making.

Over a project’s timeline, data is stored according to:

Project Type

The project history data stored in CORE acts as a data-backed roadmap

It is useful for planning future projects by providing actionable, quantitative metrics that evaluate:

time, labor and equipment estimations
contractor performance comparisons
claims and litigation records
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3 reasons you should choose CORE

CORE applies intelligent, intuitive programming that’s unlike any other tool and is customized to the exact needs of your project.
CORE makes tracking the progress of your projects effortless, more efficient and more effective than ever before.
CORE is supported by PPMG, a company trusted for our management expertise and ability to customize logistical solutions for project outcomes that meet and exceed expectations.
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